Blogs.  I strongly dislike them.  I find the majority of them ridiculous and prideful.  Completely and utterly prideful.  I don’t mind if some blogger out there takes offense because chances are, it rings true for you.

Watch our world.

People usually walk in the center of hallways, chose the center of the table at a dinner party, place themselves at the center over and over again.  Perhaps that is why our world feels so off balance…because we are at the center.  I am incredibly guilty of this.  Egocentrism is something that is all too familiar to this 21-year-old.  Isn’t that also a folly within today’s modern “church?”  [I put church in quotations because my definition tends to be quite different than my friends…more on that later.] Either way, it saddens me to see our world, to see myself, be continuously and thoroughly ridden with pride and selfishness.

So if I’m not a huge fan of blogs, why am I writing one?  I desire for humanity to fall in love with Truth, both theologically and personally, and not just what we see as truth.  My prayer is to flee the temptation to take pride in my thoughts and words by not revealing who I am in any of this. I was published last year anonymously and it proved to be an aid in the pursuit of humility. I am not saying that all those who have blogs or have been published are prideful, I am simply saying that for me, I know it is best to remove the potential for such pride before it has a chance to infest what started out as a great intention.

Please know I am not writing in order to “share wisdom and knowledge” or to “straighten out what is wrong in this world,” Lord knows I am far too weak, far too frail to accomplish such lofty goals.  For a while [perhaps months, perhaps years] I will not even share that I am writing (oh gosh…I suppose the term would be “blogging”) because I desire so desperately to walk humbly in this and not put myself on some makeshift pedestal by way of the blogosphere.  My name will not be attached to any of these entries for I wish credit to be given where credit is due: The Lord.  It is by His will and His strength that anything good might come of this small crevice in the cyber world, called “A Water Well.”

One more thing that will be useful to know: I am a Catholic in a very Protestant society.  Though this blog is from a Catholic’s perspective, I hope that those from all denominations, religions, and backgrounds are able to find Truth in these words.  What is life other than a vast search for Truth?…it is when we give up that search that we lose our way in this beautiful life.

There are two categories to help the reader filter posts through what they are personally seeking at the time: Theological Topics and Values & Virtues.  Feel free to request a post on a particular topic!

All I ask is that my readers seek Truth, for all other differences dim when we are connected through that one luminous commonality.


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